release date:

August 02, 2013


Cat No: CC012 Vinyl/CD *Denotes CD only

RIP Goatmob

  • Murder on Buds
  • WTF
  • Record Sales*
  • Murder on Buds (Instrumental)*
  • WTF (Instrumental)*
  • Record Sales (Instrumental)*

All Flu Season pre-orders through JB Hifi & Soulclap comes with a signed copy of the FLUSEASON CD, and as an extra added bonus, a limited edition 'R.I.P GOATMOB CD; featuring the last three songs ever made by the now defunct duo plus the instrumentals. This is a special chance to for you to get your hands on this rare gem. Get your orders in while stocks last. RIP Goatmob Tracklist: 01. Murder On Buds 02. WTF 03. Records Sales 04. Murder On Buds (Instrumental) 05. WTF (Instrumental) 06. Records Sales (Instrumental)