release date:

November 18, 2011


Cat No: CC006


  • 01. Executioners
  • 02. French Revolution
  • 03. Who's That
  • 04. Nothin' - Feat. Fluent Form
  • 05. Guns Go...
  • 06. Flatline - Feat. Fatty Phew
  • 07. Axe - Feat. Raven
  • 08. The Street - Feat. Budsa
  • 09. Mob - Feat. 1/6
  • 10. Code Green
  • 11. CC Camorra - Feat. Maundz
  • 12. Empty Bowl

Emerging from the midst of Melbourne's underground, the latest production from the illustrious Crate Cartel crew is GOATMOB. Both emcees and producers respectively, the complimentary alliance that is Geko and Aetcix successfully combine their individual styles to bring this peculiarly alluring project to fruition. GOATMOB reunites the duo again after collaborating on previous projects such as 2007's Raw Four EP and the recent One Fell Swoop EP. In essence, the album is the result of cathartically unconscious writing, steering clear of contrived attempts to cover any particular topics. Though experimental and multifarious musically, the trademark sounds of old-school gritty samples are constant throughout. With guest appearances from Melbourne's 1/6 (Ilzilla), Fatty Phew, Budsa, as well as fellow Crate Cartellions Fluent Form and Maundz. Verses flow seamlessly to inclusively simulate a casual exchange of bars between cohorts. To observe the apparently effortless versatility of GOATMOB, one need only compare the opening and closing tracks ('Executioners' and 'Empty Bowl'); the first an up-tempo, fired-up flavour, and the last a mellowed reggae-style encounter. From a lyrical perspective, GOATMOB speaks frankly on all nature of personally motivated subjects. In the down tempo 'Guns Go...' Aetcix investigates the all consuming corporate rat-race, expressing his contentment at being removed from its materialistic clutches, whilst amongst a filthy organ sample over banging drums 'Nothin' is simply about getting loose in the studio and letting the bars roll, 'Axe' with its anti-pop sentiment, addresses the stagnation of local rap highlighting the decline of the culture and rise of the industry.